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Monday to Fridays 07:00-16:00


Monday to Fridays 07:00-16:00.
Saturday to Sundays 10:00-15:00.


Monday to Fridays 07:00-16:00.
Saturday to Sundays 09:00-15:00


Monday to Fridays 07:00-18:00.
Saturday to Sundays 09:00-15:00.


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"We want to help the socially excluded to regain control over their lives and build a better future for themselves.
Over time we hope to be the helping hand back to society for many."

About Coffee for change

Coffee For Change is a not-for-profit company that was founded after beggars appeared on the streets of stockholm and the question how to best help arose. While giving single donations may help the day-to-day situation we wanted to do something that had a long lasting effect for as many as we can. One of the keys social inclusion is earning your own livelihood. People experiencing homelessness, vulnerability and exclusion from the society often face difficulties in getting an accurate first employment - Coffee for change intends to be that first job!

By providing work opportunities, training and special support we create secure employment as skilled baristas for our mobile Coffee Bikes. Our mission is to still your appetite for coffee by providing the best organic coffee of finest quality with our amazing team of mobile baristas. While enjoying our coffee you also contribute to a good cause! After some time as a barista at Coffee for Change we support our baristas in finding their next step in their career path.

Not-for-profit Company
Coffee for Change is a not-for-profit company. This means that any profit the company do will be used to create new opportunities for the socially excluded or in other ways help those in need.


  • +46 (0) 707 99 XX XX
  • Bergsgatan 59, Stockholm


Our team consists of a group of highly motivated and committed people. Togheter with their preparatory expertise and good service they help us to deliver coffee to our customers.

Person 1


Previously, Person 1 was working at a cleaning company. Due to social problems Person 1 lost her job in 2007. Unable to pay the rent she were forced to move and stay with friends and in shelters. Six years later, Person 1 received help from the social services and was assigned a housing through a housing program. Through Instutition 1 and Coffee For Change Person 1 was able to return to work and is now one of our professional barista.

Person 2


Due to war and conflict, Person 2 was forced to leave her homeland to escape for safety in Sweden. Here she found the opportunity to start a new life. As the war had forced her to interrupt her studies, finding an employment in the new country was proved difficult. Through basic training at the SFI (Swedish for immigrants) and Coffee For Change person 2 has now begun her first employment in Sweden as a professional barista.

Person 3


Since 2011, Person 3 has moved back and forth between short term accommodation and shelters. In recent years she has been working provisionally with selling the Swedish magazine "Situation Stockholm", committed to find herself a fulltime job. Through a contact at the social services, she was recommended to apply for a jobb at Coffee For Change. Today, she has worked for the company for over 5 months.



When Emelie was offered to participate in the arrangement and organizing of the yet nonexistent Coffee For Change, her instinctive feeling was that this could generate something great. The previous experience of working with people in vulnerable situations together with a fantastic team of colleagues, friends and sponsors it became possible to implement the idea.


We are proud and grateful to be working with institutions and companies such as Insitution 1, Instutition 2 and Company 3, who together have contributed with their great support and guidance.

In today's society, with strong competition for even the most basic jobs, we saw an opportunity to cooperate with Coffee For Change. This is just what our society needs, more transparent and open minded employers whose main purpose is to create work.


Insitution 1
As administrator at the employment office, we see a great demand for simple jobs that do not require education. We know from experience that it is not always easy for our target group (young, homeless, foreign born) to find a job. Even though they show great motivation and willingness to work. We welcome employers such as Coffee For Change.


Insitution 2
We live in a rich country. Despite that, there are people who are currently living on the breaking point and the poverty line. Its important not so see people as a burden, but an asset to our society. Being involved and contribute to job creation is something we see as an investment in our welfare. .


Company 3


To contact us please email or call us on number +46 70 000 00 00.